Exhibitor List

NAA thanks each of our vendors for attending and supporting the National Autism Conference. Please be sure to check your conference guidebook for vendor locations in the exhibit hall!

Vivint Gives Back 


Enhancing the lives of children with intellectual disabilities through simple intelligent products and services delivered by people who care.  www.vivint.com/givesback


MedicAlert Foundation - Official Sponsor of the NAC Late Start Sunday Morning Breakfast

MedicAlert Foundation® is a non-profit, charitable, and membership-based organization dedicated to the well being of others. A team of MedicAlert call center operators are committed to the foundation’s goal and to delivering outstanding service to healthcare professionals when relaying medical information. www.medicalert.org

Autism Treatment Center of America
Welcome to the Autism Treatment Center of America™, the worldwide teaching center for The Son-Rise Program® , a powerful, effective and totally unique treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger’s Syndrome , and other developmental difficulties.  www.autismtreatmentcenter.org

NAA’s Big Red Safety Booth
The National Autism Association is committed to those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who may be prone to wandering off or eloping from a safe environment, and may be unable to recognize danger and/or stay safe. Wandering, elopement, “running” or fleeing behaviors among those within our community not only present unique safety risks, but also create extraordinary worry and stress among caregivers.  www.awaare.org

The BioMat Company
The BioMat’s Crystal Infrared Technology delivers deep vibrational resonance into the body with its combination of Far Infrared, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystal. This unique combination fine tunes the Immune System to assist the body in achieving overall Well-Being, Restful Sleep, Reduced Stress and Fatigue, Deep Relaxation and reduced Pain and Inflammation.  www.CarrieLuke.TheBioMatCompany.com

Center for Autism & Related Disorders
The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is one of the world’s largest organizations using applied behavior analysis (ABA) in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. www.centerforautism.com

Designs By Ja9
These beautiful dichroic glass puzzle pieces are handcrafted in the USA by artist Janine Stillman.  $10 from each pendant sold is donated to the National Autism Association. www.designsbyja9.com

Fund It Forward
Fund It Forward’s mission is to ease the burdens of families with children with special needs by raising money for adaptive equipment not covered by health insurance. www.funditfwd.org

Hyperbaric PHP
At Hyperbaric PHP, we believe that hyperbaric therapy should be available and accessible to those who need it and who can benefit from increased oxygen as part of an affordable personal health and wellness program. Today, due to major advances in the science and technology of hyperbaric chambers, we can offer this treatment in our clinic at a reasonable cost. www.hyperbaricphp.com

MEDomics provides molecular diagnosis integrated with the NextGen DNA Sequence mediated practice of personalized medicine (pMED).  www.medomics.me

National Autism Association
Founded in 2003, NAA is a parent-run advocacy organization and the leading voice on urgent issues related to severe autism, regressive autism, autism safety, autism abuse, and crisis prevention. NAA’s mission is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential. www.nationalautism.org

In just 20 relaxing minutes a day you can undo the damaging effects of stress while reducing or eliminating tension and worry. In fact, research shows evidence that regular use can help you gain more energy, lose excess weight, get rid of bad habits, instill new positive behaviors, and improve your quality of life. www.portervision.com

SafetyNet Tracking
The SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Service provides law enforcement and public safety agencies with training, equipment and proven technology to help them quickly find and rescue individuals with cognitive conditions such as autism and Alzheimer’s who wander and become lost while enrolled in the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Service. www.safetynettracking.com

Snug Vest
Snug Vest is a therapeutic product for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder or anxiety. Snug Vest inflates to provide adjustable and evenly-distributed pressure to the torso for a comforting hug-like squeeze without pressure placed on the stomach or chest.  www.snugvest.com

Stewart Home & School
Since 1893, Stewart Home & School has provided a community where people live in a nurturing environment, and participate in programs designed to specifically meet their individual needs.  Students pursue skills in self-sufficiency, academics and vocational programs in settings that stimulate self-confidence and encourage personal happiness. www.stewarthome.com