Soma Mukhopadhyay

Soma Mukhopadhyay, BS Chemistry with Honors, MS Chemistry, B.Ed
Executive Director of Education H.A.L.O. (Helping Autism through Learning & Outreach)

Professional Background:

A native of India, Soma is a teacher and mother who developed her trademark Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) to instruct her son Tito who is now a published Writer and poet, in spite of his severe autism. Soma and Tito have been featured on 60 Minutes II, PBS, Good Morning America, Scientific American, the New York Times, National Geographic, CNN, HBO documentary ” A Mothers Courage” and numerous other media.

Soma has instructed thousands of students (youth to adult) with autism and similar disorders at the HALO Clinic located in Austin, Texas that is a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit organization established in January 2004. She uses RPM to teach academics and communication by eliciting responses through intensive verbal, auditory, visual and/or tactile prompts. Her prompting is designed to keep students focused and successful. Soma’s approach presumes competence and comprehension at age level, and it is a very low-tech method requiring only paper and pencil. Student responses evolve from picking up answers, to pointing, to typing and writing, which reveals student’s comprehension, academic skills and eventually conversation.

Since 2008 Soma has written several books beginning with the first installment “Understanding Autism through Rapid Prompting Method” followed by” Curriculum Guide For Autism Using Rapid Prompting Method”, “Developing Communication for Autism Using Rapid Prompting Method”, “Developing Motor Skills for Autism Using Rapid Prompting Method”, and her latest release “Growing Sensory Tolerance Using RPM” published in 2018.

Session Description:

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