Sponsors and Exhibitors

NAA thanks each of our vendors for attending and supporting the 2022 National Autism Conference.

Please be sure to check your conference guidebook for vendor locations in the exhibit hall!

Headline Sponsor

Vivint Gives Back – HEADLINE SPONSOR

Enhancing the lives of children with intellectual disabilities through simple intelligent products and services delivered by people who care.


NAA Booths

National Autism Association
Founded in 2003, NAA is a parent-run advocacy organization and the leading voice on urgent issues related to severe autism, regressive autism, autism safety, autism abuse, and crisis prevention. NAA’s mission is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential.


NAA’s Big Red Safety Booth
The National Autism Association is committed to those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who may be prone to wandering off or eloping from a safe environment, and may be unable to recognize danger and/or stay safe. Wandering, elopement, “running” or fleeing behaviors among those within our community not only present unique safety risks, but also create extraordinary worry and stress among caregivers.


Exhibiting Sponsors

OxyHealth has forever changed the way the medical industry practices hyperbaric therapy. Since our inception, we are devoted to providing quality and brilliantly safe portable hyperbaric chambers to physicians, professional athletes, wellness centers and families. All OxyHealth chambers are designed for patients to easily self-treat, which has fostered a cutting-edge trend in hyperbaric technology.

Our portable line is specifically engineered to remain cost effective, easy to operate and convenient, while providing users with an efficacious therapy that has helped hundreds of thousands of people world-wide.



We are committed to improving the lives of children and adults who are living with neurological disorders. Our team of physician-scientists employ the latest techniques in science-based research and clinical practice to offer a holistic approach for safe and effective nutritional-based treatments.


TerraVida Holistic Centers 

TerraVida Holistic Centers is a woman owned business with a diverse team of professionals committed to providing the highest quality patient care. TerraVida is a diverse business steeped in the values of inclusion, heterogeneity and the belief that combining the skills of a multi-cultural team provides for the most comprehensive pool of talent imaginable. TerraVida Holistic Centers has employed the most talented pool of pharmaceutical professionals, community and veterans service professionals, ensuring the most positive patient experience in the area. Additionally, we are committed to supporting our local community programs and veterans services.


Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs

We are a group of professionals who offer a Comprehensive Education & Fellowship to Medical Professionals for the care of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related chronic complex conditions.The rapidly increasing scientific evidence-based material that supports the medical treatment of autism spectrum related medical disorders is evolving and passed on to practitioners in a systematic, in-depth course of study, in order to have the greatest impact on this medically complex pediatric population.The first of its kind, the Fellowship Program at Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) is a systematic pediatric CME program designed to prepare a medical professional to deliver the best possible care to children in distress. Under the guidance of Daniel Rossignol MD FAAFP, this scientific evidence-based course of study has been uniquely designed by clinicians, for clinicians.

Parents are searching for qualified practitioners who can help their children reach their full potential. Clinicians are searching for solid, evidence-based education that will best prepare them to help their special needs patients. When searching through the complexities of these neuro-developmental disorders, MAPS helps provide direction.



Rossignol Medical Center

Integrative Medicine – When we use the term integrative medicine in our practice, we are referring to molding (integrating) the latest laboratory research with treatments to hopefully improve clinical outcomes. We strive to do this based on evidence-based medicine and the use of biomarkers, where we add treatments either based on underlying biochemical testing (for example, giving carnitine and coenzyme Q10 when there is laboratory evidence, using biomarker measurements, of mitochondrial dysfunction) or evidence-based treatments (for example, giving nutritional supplements or medications that have been studied and proven to help symptoms such as speech delay, attention, hyperactivity, etc.…).

What We Believe – We do not believe that patients with certain conditions, such as autism, should be told that the condition is hopeless or that no testing or treatments are available. Conditions such as autism are defined by a subjective group of symptoms, and therefore a diagnosis of autism does not reveal the underlying cause(s). We strive to identify what may be causing abnormal functioning of cells in persons with autism and other disorders using biomarkers that are objective, testable and treatable.
We also keep up with the latest evidence-based research on conditions such as autism, noting that at least 20 nutritional supplements and 45 medications have been studied in people with autism. Therefore, we do not feel that patients with autism or their parents should be told that there is nothing “real” going on, and that nothing can be tested for, and that nothing can be treated. To the contrary, many tests and treatments are available, and many individuals can improve over time. However, we cannot guarantee or promise such improvements. But we do promise that we will really listen to you and do our best to identify appropriate testing and treatment options.

At the heart of functional medicine is examining what may be causing a medical problem, not necessarily treating just the symptoms.


Summit Health Pharmacy 

At Summit Health Pharmacy, our focus is friendly, top notch service. Here, you’re like family. You’ll always be greeted with a smile, and every pharmacist on our team is fully committed to making medications as easy as possible for you. But that’s not all — we also provide home delivery and medication counseling services.

Summit Health stands out as a PCAB/ACHC Accredited sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy. This means that Summit Health has been awarded the highest accreditation in the compounding industry.


Solutions 4 Health 

We empower our customers to take control of their health and naturally reverse their disease state for good.  What makes Solutions 4 Health stand out from the rest is our level of knowledge, engagement, and individualized approach to every customer’s concerns and health questions. With a solution-focused approach, we help people find exactly what they need to support their health and wellness, and support them every step of the way – to create a lasting change. Stop in today for your health and wellness needs, including customized supplementation, lifestyle and dietary recommendations, individualized protocols, and Integrative health coaching.




Our team is trained to work with families who need help creating a comprehensive financial strategy for their loved one with special needs. We work with clients to bridge the gap between community, government and long term support. We develop a comprehensive financial and social strategy to assist individuals to live the life they desire.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Strategies for funding a special needs trust
  • Government benefits and eligibility
  • Finding the right attorney
  • Planning a “three-person retirement”
  • Multigenerational wealth management
  • Advanced insurance planning
  • Investment Advisory Solutions*
  • Tax planning strategies for special needs situations

Pat Bergmaier, CFP®, ChSNC™, RICP®
P (610) 784-3468   C (610) 784-3462


Iliad Neurosciences Inc. 

Iliad Neurosciences Inc. (Iliad) is a dynamic life sciences company that develops products for the diagnosis and treatment (“theranostic”) of neuro-development disorders with an emphasis on autism and related conditions. Iliad has licensed a late stage patented diagnostic technology related to Folate Receptor A Autoantibodies (FRA-Ab).

The Folate Receptor Antibody Test (FRAT®) is a laboratory test with two components. FRAT identifies an important metabolic deficiency in pregnant women whose fetuses have neural tube defects (NTD), infants with cerebral folate deficiency (CFD) and children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


New Beginnings Nutritionals

New Beginnings Nutritionals, is a company started by Dr. William Shaw in May 2003 for the purpose of providing specialized high quality nutritional supplements for adults and children who struggle with chronic physical, neurological, and mental health issues. Our professional quality product line offers support for special dietary needs, digestion, nutrient deficiencies, detoxification, immune dysfunction, mental health disorders, neuro-degenerative disorders, mitochondrial disorders – and yeast and bacteria overgrowth.


National Special Education Advocacy Institute
IEP / 504  Consult Sponsor

Offering Special Education Advocacy Training Courses for Professionals and Parents.

Mission – To function as an integral part of the national education advocacy community and provide a variety of continuing education opportunities with a commitment to professional development, a national board certification program, high ethical standards, and promotion of the independent education advocacy profession.


Parent Scholarship and Other Donations

Woodlands’ Philosophy & Scope of Care

The Woodlands Healing Research Center is a non-profit, multidisciplinary, integrative medical office that provides comprehensive family medical services emphasizing Environmental, Functional and Preventive Medicine. We operate in conjunction with our sister site, Clymer Healing Center, which offers naturopathic nutritional consultation under the direction of Andrew Neville, N.D. Our community service center is Greenshire Arts Consortium dedicated to the art of inspired living.

The physicians are members of the medical staff at Grandview Hospital, Lehigh Valley Hospital and St. Luke’s Quakertown Hospital. In order to provide the safest and most effective nontoxic treatments, we utilize a wide range of integrative medical modalities. We find the majority of today’s health problems can be best managed by integrating more “functional” and “natural” therapies into conventional medical diagnosis and treatment. Woodlands’ medical providers are trained in both areas of conventional and integrative medicine.

We are firmly committed to providing affordable, patient centered, quality care health care with compassion, understanding and in the least invasive and non-toxic means possible.


Our Mission:

We are here to promote lifelong access and opportunities for persons within the autism spectrum and their families, to be fully included, participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education and research related to autism. If you want to join us in our fight?