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The 2021 National Autism Conference will consist of 2 concurrent tracks.  You must register for BOTH TRACKS via Zoom and will receive 2 unique Zoom links, one for each of the tracks.  Use your 2 registration links to choose which track/presentation to watch live.  Switch between tracks at any time. Your links are passcode protected and cannot be shared, as you can view from only one device at a time.

All presentations on both tracks will be recorded and made available to you soon after the conference, so you will have a chance to view anything you may have missed. Please note that NAA is not responsible for technical issues out of our control, for instance, corrupt video recordings, or internet connection issues.  We will do our absolute best to make sure that all of our attendees have access to the conference content in its entirety.

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Virtual Conference Pricing


(split into $25 per track when registering)

  • 2 Full Days - May 7th & 8th
  • 2 Tracks Running Simultaneously
  • A Fun Virtual Evening Event For Attendees
  • Access to Lectures From Both Tracks After the Conference


Keynote: Elizabeth Vosseller, M.A. 

James B. Adams, Ph.D.
Dr. Richard Boles
Holly Bortfeld
Dr. David Dornfeld
Michael W. Elice, M.D.
Tom Foti
Dr. Richard Frye

Dr. John Gaitanis
Shannon Kenitz
Vicki Kobliner, MS, RDN
Dr. Julie Logan
Lynn Medley, M.S., CCC-SLP
Dr. Michael Montico
Dr. Nancy O’Hara

Emily Pinto
Dr. Dan Rossignol
Dr. Jason Sonners
Dr. Anju Usman-Singh
Dr. T.C. Theoharides
Dr. Bev Weinberg
Dr. Lindsey Wells